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I listen to this more than I listen to my therapist

From “Croc Talk” to hypothetical arguments about fighting off armies of 4-year-old children, Greg is a fantastic personality to listen to every week on my drive to and from work.

Love the Mockingbird

Greg is an excellent host and this is a great podcast! If you like really good conversations between musicians this is for you!

Big heart, great music

Greg Shaddix has a big heart and he invites listeners into his beautiful collection of conversations about music and humanity. The Mockingbird Radio Hour is a new opportunity to hear new music, especially from Georgia-based artists.


Honest back porch chatter, story telling and entertainment


In a world where very few people sit across from one another and have real conversations, Greg's podcast makes you feel as if you are visiting on the front porch swing with old friends. It is entertaining and grab some sweet tea (or bourbon) and settle in to hear some lively stories…

Sweet Tea

Greg Shaddix has a voice like sweet tea and a curiosity about people and their worlds that makes for an incredible podcast. His questions are thoughtful, his laughter is contagious and his stories are addictive to hear. I can't wait to hear more!

Listen to and follow this podcast!

Greg is an excellent dude and a great storyteller. If you’re into an eclectic mix of intriguing topics, listen to and follow this podcast!